2021 Eagle Scout Requirements

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Unless an extension is granted (section, all Eagle Scout rank requirements must be met before the Scout reaches the age of 18 – with one exception. Feedback from volunteers across the country has been incorporated into the new and improved 2021 Advancement Guide, which is now available. For more information, including some special circumstances – for example when changes are introduced in a revised brochure on achievement badges, a youth manual or other official BSA publication – see section of the 2021 Guide. The 2021 Progress Guide also adds section on the appeal against an extension and Annex, which contains the application form for such an appeal. The 2021 Advancement Guide now refers to Venturing, Discovery, Pathfinder and Summit as “adventure ranks,” not “adventure prizes.” As soon as new or revised requirements appear on this page, any Scout who starts working on a merit badge must use the requirement specified here. Therefore, it is always best to check this page when starting a earnings badge. The NVC is required by the BSA guidelines to review all Eagle Scout rank applications before the Review Committee. This review ensures that all Scout data, requirements and merit badges are accurate before the nominee sits on its Eagle Review Committee. This procedure reduces errors in submitted ESRAs and improves overall processing time at the NVC. The following document reflects the procedures of the NVC Eagle Scout Procedures Guide. Scouts have long known that the best place to find the latest achievement badge requirements is this page on Scouting.org. Scouts must earn at least 21 merit badges before they can earn the Eagle Scout rank.

Of these 21 badges, 14 must come from this list of merit badges required by eagles, and the rest may be unused badges for these 14. † If a Scout believes that he or she has met all of Eagle`s requirements but is denied a unit signature or Scout conference, he or she may request a Review Committee in contested circumstances in accordance with the Advancement Guide, Subject If the Examination Board does not approve the further development of the Scout, an appeal may be lodged against the decision in accordance with the Guide for Further Development, subject Although rarely granted, if a Scout anticipates that they will not be able to meet the requirements of the Eagle Scout rank before the age of 18 due to misconduct or their choice, they may request a time-limited extension in accordance with Theme We cannot in any way reduce or modify the Eagle Scout rank requirements set out in the current BSA Scout Manual. The Advancement Guide (GTA) contains guidelines where the Life Scout is not able to actively participate in the team through no fault of his or her own and meet all requirements until his or her 18th birthday. The NVC has the authority to grant time-limited extensions to meet eagle, quartermaster or Summit requirements. This extension is only available to young members who qualify for the three tests listed in section Time Extensions of the Advancement Guide (GTA), which is linked here and published under www.scouting.org/advancement. The procedure for requesting and reviewing an extension is described in section of the GTA. The form can be found under If a Scout anticipates that, through no fault of his or her own or choice, he or she will not be able to meet the requirements of the Eagle Scout rank before the age of 18, he or she may request a time-limited extension according to the “Guide to Advancement Topic” Time extensions are rarely granted.

The 2019 Guide featured five tests, while the 2021 Guide reduced that number to three: What is an eagle scout rank app? Submitting an Eagle Scout rank application, which must be verified by their local board, is the last task a life scout must complete after meeting all the requirements for Eagle rank. This request must include deadlines, personal references and signatures of the troop leaders to be approved. The 2021 Progress Guide clarifies this once and for all. These merit badges required in a range of disciplines ensure that an Eagle Scout has experience with badges that support the mission and vision of the BSA. These present concepts around citizenship, family, personal responsibility, preparation, fitness and outdoor skills. For adventurers working on Scout requirements, replace “Troop” with “Crew” and “Scoutmaster” with “Crew Advisor”. For sea scouts working on Scout requirements, replace “troop” with “ship” and “scout leader” with “skipper”. The answer is relevant in a number of Scout requirements. For example, in situations such as those found in homeschooling or non-traditional education, where adolescents work at levels that may not be their age, Cub Scouts should work at the rank that relates to their age rather than their year. Consider the Scout membership requirements for the bSA to avoid completing the Arrow of Light for too long before reaching the minimum age for BSA Scouts. On the plus side, even if you experience delays, the BSA explicitly states that “the review committee after 18 years. (Section

As long as you meet the Eagle Scout 1-6 requirements before your 18th birthday, you will still receive your Eagle rank – even if your application has not yet been validated by the National Advancement Team! Section of the 2021 Advancement Guide adds a paragraph on Cub Scouts who are taught at home or trained in a non-traditional way. Eagle Scout applicants may continue to use the previous rank requirements if all Eagle rank requirements were met prior to July 1, 2022 and are not required to complete the new citizenship merit badge in the company. You do not need to submit your Eagle Scout final application or complete your Eagle Scout Review Committee by July 1, 2022, but meet all other Eagle Scout requirements beforehand. Alternative requirements are also listed in more detail under Eagle Scout Rank – Alternative Requirements in the current book Boy Scout Requirements. Before you start working on this form, you must have already met all the requirements for the Eagle Scout rank, with the exception of your final exam committee. At this point, I recommend that you do a quick analysis of the Eagle Scout 1-6 requirements to make sure you`ve finished everything 100%. You definitely don`t want to miss something important! Part 3: Once your Board has reviewed all the information contained in your application, members of the Council Advancement Committee (or other designated persons) will frequently contact the references you listed in your Eagle Scout application. Note that some boards ask their Scouts to ask for Eagle letters of recommendation. Once the answers for your references have been collected, only then can you plan your Eagle review panel.

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